About your fears and prejudices

The Company

«The Company will disappear, vanish and there will be nobody to maintain the system».

From the very beginning of the development process we will closely collaborate with the representatives of the Customer. The final product possesses the following characteristics:

  • Open code
  • Users documentation
  • Administrators documentation
  • Staff training

...which guarantees quite a simple transfer of the system to us or another contractor for further service.

«They will finish and vapour away with all the initial data. And what if there appears a need in working over later?»

In the course of the implementation of the software solution we use browser technologies, the principle of open code lies in the concept of them, and i.e. the Customer will always possess the initial data of the final product

The quality of work

«They will do not the way I need, but it will be already late to work over».

The production process is built the way that we dont dive into work for half a year and then come up with some solution. In the course of the product development the Customer always has the opportunity to conduct a thorough control of the implementation at any stage. The development stage is held in close collaboration with the representatives of the Customer. The stage of programme implementation is divided into short periods of time, by expiration of which there is always an opportunity to press buttons and express your comments and requests. The details of project work are located on page "Project management".

«I am afraid of soft-contactors voodoo and try to find a finished product if it is possible».

Frequently the retrofit work of a boxed product is more expensive than the creation of the product on the basis of previously developed frameworks. Nevertheless, at the selection of implementation technologies we always consider the possibility of a boxed product usage.

«They will write bad documentation the way that my programming ignorant staff will not understand it

Our training courses are oriented not only on IT-specialists, who will maintain the created product, but also on users. We want our product to bring maximum effect to Your business and we need it not less than you do. And it is not because we are cool guys, but because we make much more economic profit out of long-term collaboration rather than out of single dim bargains. The example of the execution of our documentation.

«They will write the code the way that nobody will make sense out of it later».

Please consult Your expert. The example of the execution of our code.

The price

«They will abnormalize the prices referring to the difficulties in which I dont have a clue».

We take money only for what we can prove in the language of a financier, but not a programmer.